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COCOLIFE Bulk Organic Coconut Oil Unrefined & Cold Pressed
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Whether it's desserts, a BBQ or a rash on your skin, COCOLIFE Coconut Oil serves as your solution. This all-rounder oil can be used for cooking and to applying to hair and body. It is unrefined & cold pressed, adding to its raw and natural state. Moreover, the oil is extra virgin which makes it healthy and perfect to cook with. Made with handpicked, fresh and ripe coconuts
Another use for this organic coconut oil is that it can be substituted as butter or vegetable oil. Since the oil is unrefined, it does not have an unpleasant smell or a disagreeable aftertaste.

- Bulk Size 3.8 litres
- Unrefined
- Certified organic
- Cold pressed
- 100% raw
- Can be used for external use
- Can be used for cooking
- Superior quality
- Digested without difficulty
- Gluten free
- Chemical free
- Suitable for vegans
- Suitable for vegetarians

About The Brand:
Cocolife encourages organic living and in this pursuit manufactures products that are unrefined and raw to ensure maximum benefits. The brand makes use of the innumerable benefits of coconuts and preserves them in various ways for its users to take advantage of. The coconuts are of high quality, brought all the way from Thailand. Use in cooking, baking, treating skin dryness and soothing rashes .
Price : $69.95 (Inc. GST)
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