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Loving Earth Dark Organic Raw Chocolate
Item Code: Earth5
What is it?
This is our signature dark chocolate. It is for the purists, who like their chocolate pure and intensely dark. The 72% cacao content is a little bit deceiving because the cacao is raw and unprocessed, so it is quite a bit richer than a conventionally processed 72% cacao content chocolate bar.

You will also experience the great flavour synergy of our dark wildcrafted agave syrup with the cacao, they blend together to create a distinctly original flavour. For those of you who have tried other sugar free chocolate bars and have been disappointed with the flavour because of the sweeteners used such as Maltitol and other ones that are too hard to spell, we trust that you will be sweetly surprised with this bar.

We use whole organic vanilla beans that we chop up and then grind into a powder. However we are careful to make sure there are still some good sized pieces in the mix so that every now and again you will find a small piece of vanilla to chew on, that leaves you with an explosion of vanilla ecstacy at the end of your mouthful.

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