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Raw Organic Agave Syrup
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This Agave is harvested from the Wild Maguey species by the Aztecs in the Ixmiquilpan region of Mexico. The Wild Maguey is central to their culture and they have been harvesting it for thousands of years. Our Agave is processed below 40ÂșC using a vacuum evaporator and certified organic vegan enzyme as a catalyst to concentrate the natural sugars into a stable form. Agave Syrup has a low Glycemic Index (<30). As a replacement for sugar, use 25% less Agave Syrup than you would normally use of sugar. The dark unfiltered Agave has more minerals than the light filtered version and a richer, wilder flavour.

For more information in reference to Agave and your health see the Nutrition Information and Health Benefits sections to the left.

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