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Hazelnut Spread
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Melrose nut spreads are made from 100% lightly roasted nuts.

Hazelnuts are known as a very nutritious nut and contain many health benefits. Hazelnuts are a source of the essential unsaturated fatty acid - Linoleic acid, the "good fat", which makes them a great energy booster. All nuts contribute fibre to the diet and hazelnuts are the highest in fibre. Eating foods rich in fibre helps to satisfy hunger for longer. Dietary fibre can help manage cholesterol and is essential for a healthy bowel function.

Hazelnuts are one of the best food-source of Vitamin E, supplying over 20mg per 100 gram portion. They are also the best nut source of manganese which is the subject of research into nerve nourishment & the maintenance of sex-hormone production.

They also contain significant amounts of B group vitamins including folate and Vitamin B6.

Hints and tips

Why is there oil in the top of the jar?

Melrose nut spreads are made from 100% lightly roasted nuts. Unlike most peanut butters the natural oils in Melrose nut spreads are not subjected to hydrogenation. In normal spreads this hydrogenation turns liquid oils into solids so that they will not separate out. However hydrogenation also produces Trans fatty acids and these have negative health effects.

•Melrose nut spreads contain only natural oils.
•Melrose Nut spreads contain no hydrogenated Oils.
•Melrose nut spreads contain no Trans fats.
When using Melrose nut spreads, simply stir in the natural oils. Do not pour off the oil as this will leave you with a dry spread.

How can I use Melrose Nut Spreads?

With such a wide variety to choose from, you can enjoy Melrose Nut Spreads from breakfast to dinner and anytime in between.

see our free recipe videos for ideas on how to cook with Nut Spreads, or download free recipes

Where can I buy Melrose products?

To buy this product visit your local health food store or you can try online,

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SPR 501
Hazelnut Spread

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