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Stevia De-Lite
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1 teaspoon of Stevia De-Lite equals approximately the sweetness of 3 teaspoons of sugar Nirvana Stevia De-Lite: an ‘easy measure’ all-natural, healthy Stevia sweetener blend that adds the perfect sweet taste to all your favourite food and beverages.* Lite in Calories, *Lite in Carbs Stevia De-Lite table top sweetener was created for its easy measuring, dispensing and great taste. We carefully blended our highest quality, certified organic Stevia Glycosides - intense sweetener (many times sweeter than sugar) extracted from the Stevia Rebaudiana plant with Inulin, a natural sweetener, plant-derived dietary fibre and prebiotic extracted from organic chicory root (Kosher & Halal certified). Ingredients: Inulin, highly concentrated Stevia extract powder (Steviol Glycosides).
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