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Mojo Muesli
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Fantastic muesli,packed with roasted nuts,seeds,dried fruits and puffed cereals (a good percentage is organic). Try served with yoghurt and berries for a really delicious,nutritious start to the day
Good size (1 kg pack)No preservatives

Dry roasted almonds 20.5%,roasted cashew 11/4%,(sunflower oil),dry roasted sunflower seed 11.4%,pumpkin seed 11.4%,dry roasted macadamia 6.4%,toasted sesame seed 4.5%,pistachio 3.6%,walnut 3.6%,organic dried apple 3.6%,organic wild fig 3.6%,organic dried apricot 3.6%,dried cranberries 3.6%.organic puff millet 2.5%,organic puff buckwheat 2.3%,coconut flake 2.1% and organic puff corn 1.4%...(Quantities may vary slightly)
Price : $24.75
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