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Rice Protein Isolate Powder Chocolate
Item Code: Growing Naturals2
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This 1 lb of easily blended chocolate powder is the first whole grain brown rice (WGBR) protein isolate, resulting in 90% organic, raw vegetable protein per serving. Thanks to a proprietary, natural process, 24 grams of natural protein blends with water or your favorite juice to create a fantastic tasting, silky textured boost. You’ll find fewer carbs and more amino acids in this re-sealable pouch that features a very clean label.

Product Description
• Smooth & delicious
• The only rice protein isolate (90%)
• Complete amino acid profile
• 100% natural ?
• Sprouted and bio-fermented ?
• Dairy and lactose-free?
• Soy and corn-free ?
• Fat and cholesterol-free
• Low sodium • High bioavailability
• High absorption
• Organic
• Kosher

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