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Superfood Blend - Wild Berry
Item Code: Ezy Protein 1
ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend is a high quality plant-based protein that is exceptionally easy to absorb and digest.

Using ezyprotein's special sprouting and bio-fermentation method, ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend is more than just a great protein drink. It is an even smoother Certified Organic, Sprouted, Bio-Fermented & Raw Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein Powder that is fortified with a wide variety of awesome raw and organic superfoods.

This delicious Wild Berry blend includes all the natural nutrition of raw sprouted grains, exotic fruits and berries, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes; many of which have been naturally fermented with beneficial probiotic cultures. All of these natural foods are raw and certified organic. The complete ingredients in order have been listed toward the end of this page.

A high quality, totally natural and organic raw food, ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend is a 100% plant-based complete protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids. It is ideal for vegetarians, vegans and anyone wanting to incorporate more protein into their diet.

ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend is hypo-allergenic and does not contain any filler ingredients or artificial additives, making it suitable for everyone, including athletes and people with active lifestyles.

As part of a balanced diet ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend is helpful for building lean muscle mass and assisting with healthy weight control.

Naturally free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Lactose, Sugar, Soy and Cholesterol.

ezyprotein - ezy to use, ezy to absorb, ezy to digest.

The complete list of all 26 ezyprotein Silk - Superfood Blend ingredients are as follows:

Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented, Raw)
Organic Beetroot
Organic Maca
Organic Amaranth Sprouts
Organic Buckwheat Sprouts
Organic Quinoa Sprouts
Organic Maqui Berry
Organic Lucuma
Organic Mesquite
Organic Brazil Nut
Organic Fermented Quinoa
Organic Fermented Millet
Organic Fermented Sunflower Seeds
Organic Fermented Alfalfa Grass
Organic Fermented Linseed
Organic Fermented Sweet Potato
Organic Fermented Mung Beans
Organic Fermented Adzuki Beans
Organic Fermented Chick Peas
Organic Fermented Red Lentils
Organic Fermented Dunaliella Salina
Organic Fermented Molasses
Natural Berry
Natural Vanilla


• Certified Organic
• Australian Made & Owned
• Sprouted and Raw
• Bio-Fermented
• Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein
• 98.2% digestion efficiency
– ezy to digest and absorb
• Made with 80% Protein
• Hypo Allergenic
• High in plant enzymes and phyto-nutrients
• Silky-Smooth and delicious natural Wild Berry flavour
• Complete Amino Acid Profile
– all 8 essential Amino Acids
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