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Coconut yoghurt Alternative
Item Code: coyo1201
CO YO Coconut Milk Yoghurt Alternative is a creamy delicious alternative to dairy yoghurt made from the creamy milk of the coconut with plant fed Probiotic cultures. This is vegan yogurt at it's finest.
Available as Natural or with Mango, Passionfruit and Mixed Berry in 250gm,400gm,700g,1kg containers.

CO YO Coconut Milk Ice Cream Alternative is a smooth ‘melt in the mouth” dairy free ice cream alternative once again using the creamy milk of the coconut. This is vegan ice cream at it's finest.
Mouth-watering flavours including, Acai Berry & Blueberry, Mango and Lime, Pineapple, Sticky Date & Tamarind, Cherry and Chocolate Nibs, Chocolate (cacao), Vanilla and Nutmeg.
Price : $10.95
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