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Superkraut Green
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There’s never been a better (or healthier!) way to enjoy your greens than with our Green Superkraut! Made with a traditional cabbage base the green kraut is also brimming with kale, which is high in iron, calcium and antioxidants, and Australian spirulina, which is a powerful source of protein and B vitamins, in particularly B 12. Gota Kola is also added for its ability to increase brain function and lift mood levels and Gynostemma tea is included, offering unique antioxidant and ataptogen qualities.

The inclusion of apple offers a touch of sweetness and fibre and Australian sea salt provides flavor and minerals. With all of the added benefits of probiotic culture to keep you gut flourished with healthy bacteria, our Green Superkraut is a highly medicinal addition to any meal!

Enjoy it as a side to your breakfast plate with free range eggs, avocado and sprouts. Enjoy it as a topping to your salad at lunch or along side vegetables with dinner. Try it as a snack throughout the day atop of crackers or mixed with avocado as a healthy guacamole!

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