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Tasmanian Seaweed Superkraut
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Utilizing the power and nutrients from the ocean, our Sea Kraut is a delicious mix of cabbage, carrots and ginger with the addition of Australian Wakame and ORMUS. The cabbage, carrots and ginger offer a full spectrum of antioxidants, fiber and immune boosting properties. Harvested locally and sustainably the wakame seaweed is high in iron, iodine and minerals that help to detoxify heavy metals from the body and assist with a range of nutritional deficiencies. ORMUS is a potent mix of monoatomic minerals from the ocean that assists overall health, wellbeing and longevity and has the power to uplift mood and create inner harmony.

Combined with probiotic culture to boost healthy gut bacteria and balance inner flora, our Sea Kraut is a delicious and full-bodied kraut that adds a fresh, salty, sea-like quality to meals. Try it alongside sustainably caught seafood, atop of fresh salads or grains or added to nori rolls to make homemade sushi!
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