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MIXED BOX FRUIT & VEG 1 Box (Family)
Mixed Box Fruit & Veg
Item Code: MX03
Assorted Seasonal Organic Box

Our fruit and vegetable boxes are filled to the brim with the freshest organic seasonal produce available. Our set boxes represent exceptional value for money, they are packed each morning of delivery and are delivered between 11am and 8pm. Freshness is guaranteed!

Your mixed box this week will include a selection of items below. You can also add to this from any of the other fruits and vegies in the shop.

There is enough here for a family of 3- 4.

* Green Apples
* Red Apples
* Bananas
* Oranges
* Grapes
* Tomatoes
* Broccoli
* Carrots
* Potatoes- Sebago
* Brown Onions
* Mushrooms
* Salad Mix
* Asparagus
* Beetroot
* Pumpkin
* Cauliflower
* Cos Lettuce
* Zucchini
* Cucumber
* Snow Peas
* Beans
* Passion Fruit
* Corn
* Mangoes
* Pineapple
* Pears
* Mandarins

All goods packed in biodegradable wrapping for freshness and convenience.

Actual contents may change at last minute due to availability. If any produce is unavailable at the time we may replace with similar produce.

When ordering this box you can have up to 3 deletions of anything you dislike (maximum of 3)
You can tell us to exclude these from your delivery by simply writing in the comments section of the order page. For example, No Carrots, More Potatoes, etc.
Price : $79.95
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