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Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream,
Item Code: 413039
Protects the delicate skin of the nappy area

Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream naturally protects and cares for the delicate skin in your baby's nappy area. It helps prevent the development of soreness and reduces existing redness.

Pure Beeswax and gentle lanolin form a protective layer on the skin, which protects against excess moisture without impairing the skin's natural functions.
Extracts from biodynamically grown Calendula and organic Chamomile flowers help soothe irritation.
Precious Almond and organic Sesame oils keep the skin soft and support the healthy renewal of irritated and sensitive skin.
Dermatologically tested for use on sensitive skin.
Suitable for use from birth onwards.
Over 70% of Midwives in Germany recommend Weleda Baby Care Products. Emnid-Studie 2003.
Weleda Baby Products are free of synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils. Product and ingredients not tested on animals

As pure as nature, just like your baby

New parents only want the best for their children, so Weleda only use ingredients that agree with your baby's delicate skin and aid in his/her healthy development. Weleda products offer 100% natural oils derived from sun-ripened seeds and fruits such as Almond and Sesame, pure essential oils from Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Rose and healing plant extracts of Calendula and Chamomile. These substances are easily absorbed by your baby's skin - warming, nourishing and nurturing his/her body.


For centuries, Calendula has been known as a medicinal plant for aiding the healing process of small wounds, red, inflamed skin and skin infections. Due to its immune strengthening and antiseptic properties, Calendula also protects the skin against infection. Weleda uses Calendula as an ingredient in its baby care formulations due to the properties of sunshine and warmth that it provides.

Baby Skin: five times thinner!

It is not only impressions of the outside that have an effect on babies. Their sensitive skin, which the five times thinner that that of an adult's can easily be permeated by a diversity of substances, including those found in skin care products. This is yet another reason to use plant-based oils, such as Almond or Sesame, which are similar to the skin's natural composition. They provide baby skin with the warmth of the sun, which they have stored in their fruits and seeds during the course of the summer. They also supply pure nutrients, such as vitamins, which all babies desperately need.

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