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Organic Dog Food Puppy
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Made with certified organic, free range chicken as the #1 ingredient for great taste and outstanding digestibility.

No Corn. No Wheat. No By-Products. No Ethoxyquin.

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Did you know? The organic certification process requires that each and every ingredient in Organix® (including those that are NOT organic) be reviewed by the organic certifying agency (that operates under the federal USDA National Organic Program) and approved for inclusion in the formula. A complete breakdown of our formula including sources of each ingredient is required as part of the organic certifying agency?s review and approval process. This independent third-party review and approval process is unique in pet food/treats. Organic ingredients have no pesticides, not synthetic fertilizers, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no bioengineering (no GMO?s), no by-products.

Feeding Directions: Bringing home your new puppy is exciting but also stressful for your new best friend. To avoid more stress caused by dietary upset, make gradual changes to his or her diet. Start with a small amount of ORGANIX® Puppy Formula in place of your puppy?s current food. Over the next week to 10 days, increase the amount of ORGANIX® Puppy Formula, while decreasing the amount of his or her other food, until your puppy has 100% ORGANIX® Puppy Formula in his bowl.

Puppies have special nutritional needs during their first year and should have their own special food to meet those needs. ORGANIX® Puppy Formula provides optimum levels of fat, protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals, (including calcium) for their developing bones and teeth. Crunchy pieces provide great taste, excellent chewing exercise, and help clean teeth. Depending on the breed, puppies are ready for adult food at 12 to 18 months of age and, for giant breeds, at 24 months of age.

Puppies benefit from a consistent feeding time of day and diet. For example, three small meals a day, or two larger meals split between the morning and evening.

To serve moistened, add one-third part warm water to two-thirds part ORGANIX® Puppy Formula. To maintain the freshness of ORGANIX® Puppy Formula, do not serve more than what your puppy will consume in a thirty-minute period.

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