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Organic Dog Food Dry Adult
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The traditional organic purchaser prefers an holistic lifestyle on the premise that organic food benefits the health of themselves, the consumer, as well as the environment. Now their pets are able to enjoy the same benefits by eating BiOpet Organic Petfood.

The philosophy of BiOpet organic petfood is to provide a natural, wholesome food for your pet.

Organic petfood is free from growth promotants, hormones and antibiotics. It does not contain artificial colours or harmful preservatives.

The ingredients used in BiOpet organic food come from farms and producers certified organic ACO (Australian Certified Organic) in Australia. This ensures the ingredients have been produced under organic conditions without synthetic fertilisers and have no pesticide or herbicide residues.

BiOpet's manufacturing plant is also certified by ACO to produce organic petfood (Certification No 289P). It’s plant is audited annually by ACO to ensure the ACO organic processing guidelines are being adhered to. This organic certification assures the pet owners that BiOpet is indeed organic pet food.

•BiOpet Dog is a complete food which meets the adult dog’s maintenance requirements after 12 months of age. Large breeds could benefit from feeding BiOpet Organic Puppy up to 2 years of age.
• BiOpet Organic Puppy is a complete food designed to meet the growing pup’s nutritional requirements up to 12 months of age.
• BiOpet produces a biscuit bone which is an excellent chewing treat.
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