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Rice Chia Bread
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Ingredients: Certified Organic Rice Flour (White and Brown) (50%), Filtered Water, Chia (12%), Certified Organic Rice Starch, Vegetable Gum (412), Sea Salt.

Every loaf has no added yeast, is dairy free, and is made with only the finest available certified organic ingredients, sea salt and filtered water

There are no emulsifiers (preservatives) added to our bread. By using a process of vacuum packaging and gas flushing, your loaf remains fresher far longer than with regular packaging.

Keeping to the forefront of market requirements and trends is important so Dovedale Bread is constantly developing new recipes, which when perfected, will add to the range of breads that Dovedale Bread bakeries will provide for clients.

All our Breads are risen with the traditional technique of Levain (Leaven) once known to all bakers before the discovery of Bakers Yeast in the mid-19th century.

Using only flour and filtered water, wild yeast cultures of much lower virulence than bakers yeast, slowly develop and impart their unique piquant flavour to our breads. This gentle process also creates lactobacilli which breaks down proteins and vitamins and makes the flour more digestible.

In addition to our quality ingredients, the time taken for our leavens to mature is a key component of the Dovedale Method. Accordingly, take the time to enjoy your loaf!

A Note on Packaging
We use Vacuum - Gas flushing to ensure our breads reach you in perfect “just baked” condition. Shelf-life is extended without the use of preservatives by keeping the bread in an oxygen-free environment.

We recommend refrigerating the bread after opening, during warmer months, to prevent spoilage.
Price : $7.25 (Inc. GST)
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