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Palm Oil - Organic Virgin Red
Item Code: 12328
Virgin Red Palm Oil
100% Certified Organic

Antioxidant Rich Superfood

Natures highest known food source of one of the most powerful antioxidants - Tocotrienol
Elaeis Organic Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil is not Refined, Bleached or Deodorized, thus retaining the palm fruits natural goodness and beautiful red hue. Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil contains no cholesterol, no trans fats and is naturally extremely rich in Antioxidants. Red Palm Fruit Oil is natures richest known source of the powerful Antioxidant Tocotrienol. As well as a rich source of Betacarotene and Tocopherols. Red Palm Fruit Oil also contains natural Lycopene and Coenzyme Q10.

Being a very stable oil that is highly heat resistant, Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil is ideal for use in frying, barbeques, saute’s, curries, baking, smoothies and adds a deliciously golden touch to cooking. Become the Chef in your own kitchen by using this exotic, healthy cooking oil
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